Key Takeaways Mid-Year 2019

Current Job Openings Singapore – Financial Services

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Key Takeaways

  • Job market didn’t perform as expected. We saw a slower than usual Q2 due to hiring managers being more cautious and conservative in their human resource planning
  • Banking hires have ramped up over the last 2 months, adding 35% more vacancies than end of Q1 2019
  • Not surprising to see IT taking the lead although the focus is now on infrastructure hires related to Cloud Specialists rather than cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has taken a back pedal as banks re-assess their strategy
  • Operations and Middle Office hires are making a comeback with a focus on Fund Services, Portfolio Valuations and Client Services. This trinity is due to the expanding business of Service Providers
  • The first half of 2019 saw a strong demand for Relationship Managers. Expect the momentum will continue, though on a smaller scale, over the next few months.