Interview Questions – Python

  1. What are the data types used in Python?
  2. Explain the difference between lists and tuples.
  3. What is a Python dictionary?
  4. What are lambda functions?
  5. Explain list comprehensions and how they’re used in Python.
  6. What is a negative index, and how is it used in Python?
  7. Name some well-known Python data analysis libraries.
  8. What is pandas?
  9. Write Python code to create an Inventory DataFrame from the “shoestore.csv” file.
  10. What is the default missing value marker in pandas, and how can you detect all missing values in a DataFrame?
  11. Write Python code to select the Brands and Size columns from the Inventory DataFrame.
  12. Add a new column named “In Stock” to the Inventory DataFrame with all 1s to indicate stock status.
  13. Write Python code to plot the distribution of Brands by Size.
  14. What libraries do data scientists use to plot data in Python?
  15. What Python IDEs are the most popular in data science?

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