When you know it’s time to change jobs

Do you feel stuck at work?
Do you find yourself watching the clock, waiting for the minutes to tick by?
Do you dread Mondays?
Do you often feel tired or anxious thinking about your job?

If you answered yes, you may want to think about changing your job.

Here are two key considerations before you commit to job-searching; remember, the process takes 1-6 months.

Is this a temporary rut or have you been feeling this way for months?

If its been a few days to less than a month, then you may be in a temporary rut.

Ask yourself if this feeling comes from a period of long-hours and high-stress. If it is, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Ask yourself if this feeling comes because you have no new projects/work to do. If it is, you may be feeling bored.

In both cases, once the trigger has passed, your feelings may pass with it.

However, if it doesn’t.

Have you asked for new responsibilities/projects or internal mobility?

If the prospect of new responsibilities and projects does not excite you while being in this team, then you should consider internal mobility to transfer to another department or function. This is especially important if you enjoy being in your current company. It also helps to boost your profile as it highlights your hunger for knowledge as well as your loyalty.

If you are only staying for an upcoming promotion, ask yourself if you would still feel satisfied 6 months, 1 year down the line.

If the push factor to leave the company entirely is strong or the internal opportunities are just not right for you, then you really should take the time to revise your resume and start looking at opportunities elsewhere.