Interview Questions – Data I

  1. Given a list of integers, find all combinations that add up to a given integer.
  2. Pick a page in a random book. Segment a long string into a set of valid words on that page. Return false if the string cannot be segmented. What is the complexity of your solution?
  3. Write a SQL query to find repeated items in a column.
  4. If you were given 1000 eggs, how would you make the most profit?
  5. What are the criteria to say whether a developed data model is good or not?
  6. How do you describe a financial planning process?
  7. What would you prefer, feeding a giant chicken or 200 small ones?
  8. What problems did you encounter in one of your projects and what are the solutions you came up with?
  9. How would you go about finding the second maximum value of a column in a table.
  10. What do you think a data analyst role will look like in five years?
  11. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve discovered from data?